miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2007

Farewell to 2º A-B

It seems that this course is about to finish. We have all worked hard and I hope that your results will be much better than what we expected just a few weeks ago. It has been a pleasure to be your teacher and I wish you all the very best. Don't forget to come to our school if you need any help with your English in the future (and I bet you probably will), or just come to say hello!

As a farewell present, I leave you a good game in English. It's The Idiot Test. Have a try and you'll feel as stupid as me when I tried!

I'd appreciate it if you could leave some comment about the course, the English classes, the exams, etc. If you write your e-mail address we can keep in touch if you want to hear from the school. You can write in English or Spanish!

Thanks for your patience and attention.